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2008 Match Results

2008 Match Results

1/12/08 NLW (T1) St. Paul, MN Zero Kincaid, Logan Lasher & Asylum W
5/3/08 WWA (W2) Grand Rapids, MN - Cooter L
6/14/08 NAW (TV1) Lacrosse, WI - D-Roc W
6/28/08 NAW (TV1) Amery, WI - Mikey Stanley W
6/29/08 NAW (TV1) Holcombe, WI - Truth Mage W
8/23/08 NAW (TV1) Merrill, WI - Marty Jannetty L
9/27/07 WTF Osceola, WI - "Superstar" Steve Stardom L
10/4/08 CIWA Altoona, WI Alex Riley, D-Roc & Josh Calisto W
10/11/08 NLW St. Paul, MN - Buddah W
10/18/08 NAW (TV1) Whitehall, WI - Nathan Sensation L
11/1/08 WWA Aitkin, MN - Dan Burdick j.r. draw
11/1/08 WWA Aitkin, MN Steve Stardom, Dan Burdick j.r. & Gary Littlewolf W
11/8/08 NLW (T1) St. Paul, MN Logan Lasher, Ian Xavier & Tommy Spiderbaby Saturday L


NLW - Northern Lights Wrestling
WWA - World Wrestling Association
NAW - New Age Wrestling
WTF - What the Fans Want wrestling
CIWA - Classic Independent Wrestling Association

(T1) - NLW Tag Team Title Match
(W2) - WWA Midwest Championship Match
(TV1) - NAW Television Championship Match

Number of Matches: 13
Number of Wins: 7
Number of Wins by DQ, CO, or other: 0
Number of Draws, No Decisions, No Contests or Double DQ's: 1
Number of Losses: 5
Number of Losses by DQ, CO, or other: 0

Number of Matches for NLW: 3
Number of Matches for WWA: 3
Number of Matches for NAW: 5
Number of Matches for WTF: 1
Number of Matches for CIWA: 1

Number of Matches in Minnesota: 6
Number of Matches in Wisconsin: 7

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