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2006 Match Results

2006 Match Results

1/13/06 TRP Fargo, ND - Nate Strong L
1/21/06 BCW/AWA Germantown, WI - Angel Armoni W
2/16/06 XJAM (h) Minot, ND - Dirty Ernie L
2/17/06 XJAM Minot, ND - Patriot 3 L
2/17/06 XJAM (t) Minot, ND Eddie Fyne, Dirty Ernie & Dirty Dan Hanson L
2/25/06 NWA WI Cecil, WI - Dinn T. Moore L
3/31/06 BCW/AWA Waukesha, WI - Ian Xavier W
4/14/06 BCW/AWA Waukesha, WI - Big Daddy Hoofer W
4/15/06 W.O.W. Oak Creek, WI - Mike "the Bull" Geuke W
5/13/06 NAWF Whitewater, WI - Andy Anderson L
5/19/06 XJAM Minot, ND - Max Malibu W
6/16/06 ARW Fall Creek, WI - Josh Calisto W
6/16/06 ARW (1) Fall Creek, WI - Widowmaker W
6/17/06 ACW Green Bay, WI - Dinn T. Moore W by DQ
6/17/06 ACW Green Bay, WI w/ Sam Hayne, "White Dragon" Rob Lee & Mystique v.s. Dinn T. Moore, Mickey McCoy, Jerry Styles  & Miss Katie W
6/29/06 WWA Nashwauk, MN - Dan Burdick jr. L by DQ
6/29/06 WWA Nashwauk, MN Maverick, Cooter & Dan Burdick jr. L
7/1/06 W.O.W. Lake Tomahawk, WI - Tejas W
7/8/06 ARW (1) Fall Creek, WI - Mike "the Bull" Geuke L by DQ
7/15/06 ARW (1) Fall Creek, WI - Malice W
7/22/06 ARW Fall Creek, WI - Venom L
7/23/06 APWA (2) Ladysmith, WI "Tantilizing" Travis Hilton, Shimdog & Ian Xavier L
8/5/06 ARW (1) Fall Creek, WI 8 man tag w/ Steve Stardom, Mike Rollins & Don Gotti v.s. Ian Xavier, Mike "the bull" Gueke, Venom & Logan Lasher L
8/26/06 ARW (1) Fall Creek, WI - Logan Lasher Double CO 
9/2/06 ARW Fall Creek, WI - Mad Wolverine W by DQ
9/2/06 ARW Fall Creek, WI - Ace Spade W
9/9/06 ARW Fall Creek, WI - Ian Xavier L
10/6/06 BCW/AWA (tg) Waukesha, WI Estaban Molina, Derek St. Holmes & Quinson Valentino L
10/14/06 NWA/WI Green Bay, WI Sam Hayne, Adrian Lynch & Horace the Psychopath L
10/28/06 NAW/WPW (US) Caledonia, MN - Jake Classic W
11/25/06 PPW Menasha, WI Acid Jazz, Baltizar & Diego Corleone W
TRP - Top Rope Productions
BCW/AWA - Brew City Wrestling/American Wrestling Association
XJAM - XJAM Pro Wrestling
NWA WI - National Wrestling Alliance - Wisconsin
W.O.W. - Wisconsin Organized Wrestling
NAWF - North American Wrestling Federation
ARW - American Revolution Wrestling
WWA - World Wrestling Alliance
APWA - All Pro Wrestling Alliance
NAW - New Age Wrestling
WPW - Wisconsin Professional Wrestling
PPW - Packerland Pro Wrestling
(h) - XJAM Hardcore Title Match
(t) - XJAM Tag Team Title Match
(1) - ARW Heavyweight Title Match
(2) - APWA Tag Team Title Match
(tg) - BCW/AWA Tag Team Title Match
(US) - NAW U.S. Title Match
Number of Matches: 31
Number of Wins: 13
Number of Wins by DQ, CO, or other: 2
Number of Draws, No Decisions, No Contests, or Double DQ's: 1
Number of Losses: 13
Number of Losses by DQ, CO, or other: 2
Number of Matches for TRP: 1
Number of Mathces for BCW/AWA: 4
Number of Matches for XJAM: 4
Number of Matches for NWA WI: 2
Number of Matches for W.O.W: 2
Number of Matches for NAWF: 1
Number of Matches for ARW: 10
Number of Matches for ACW: 2
Number of Matches for WWA: 2
Number of Matches for APWA: 1
Number of Matches for NAW/WPW: 1
Number of Matches for PPW: 1
Number of Matches in North Dakota: 5
Number of Matches in Wisconsin: 23
Number of Matches in Minnesota: 3