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1999 Match Results

1999 Match Results


1/22/99 AAW Chippewa Falls, WI - Leland Cross L
2/20/99 AAW Abbotsford, Wi Chad Wilde Mason Diggs & Leland Cross W
3/13/99 AAW Eau Claire, Wi Travis Lee Leland Cross & T.Bone Roads L
4/?/99 AAW Eau Claire, Wi Travis Lee Sabot & L.A. Mauler W
5/14/99 AAW Menomonie, Wi - Darkchild W
5/15/99 AAW Wausau, Wi Travis Lee Leland Cross & T.Bone Roads L
5/22/99 AAW Bloomer, Wi - The Annihilator Double DQ
7/9/99 AAW Fall Creek, Wi Darkchild Travis Lee & Trailer Trash Tim W
7/16/99 AAW Country Jam - Travis Lee L
7/17/99 AAW Country Jam Darkchild Natural & Mason Diggs L
7/18/99 AAW Country Jam - Mike "the bull" W
8/4/99 AAW Ellsworth, Wi Cujo Mason Diggs & Rob Norwood L
9/23/99 AAW Green Bay, Wi Stealth Suicide Mason Diggs & Rob Norwood L
10/16/99 AAW Sparta, Wi - Killer Claw L
10/29/99 AAW Green Bay, Wi Jay Rock Eric Hammers & Sabot L
10/30/99 AAW Chippewa Falls, Wi - Killer Claw L
11/13/99 AAW Eau Claire, Wi - Killer Claw W
12/18/99 AAW # Schofield, Wi Sabot Prep Boys W

# - AAW Tag Team Title Match

AAW - All American Wrestling
Number of Matches: 18
Number of Wins: 7
Number of Wins by DQ, CO or other: 0
Number of Draws, No Decisions, No Contest, or Double DQ's: 1
Number of Losses: 10
Number of Losses by DQ, CO or other: 0
Number of Matches for AAW: 18
Number of Matches in Wisconsin: 18